MOEF: Communities Can Join Carbon Trading

Communities can participate in Carbon trading. This was revealed by the Ministry of Environment and Forestry (KLHK), which stated that the public can participate in carbon trading as long as they cooperate with other partners as contact persons who have experience or expertise related to the carbon market.

Director of Sectoral and Regional Resource Mobilization of the Directorate General of Climate Change Control, Wahyu Marjaka at the Green Press Community event in Jakarta, Wednesday (8/11/2023) explained that the community can conduct carbon trading if it has a permit in the form of a community.

He said that for small social forestry programs to be more effective, the program can be merged and then there can be other business entity management to later be able to carry out carbon trading.

The implementation of carbon trading must fulfill the provisions, one of which is for customary law communities, holders of Social Forestry Management Agreements, and community forest rights owners who conduct GHG Emission Offset businesses and/or activities must receive assistance.

The mentoring partner has experience or expertise related to carbon measurement, project planning and implementation or accessing the carbon market. While the portion of profit to the community is not small compared to the private party that is cooperated, a cooperation agreement needs to be made with the third party. Later, the proportion for the community and the third party can be arranged.

Meanwhile, Senior Advisor of Indonesian Conservation Community Warsi (KKI Warsi), Rudy Syaf explained that one of the main obstacles to carbon trading is that the process is still business to business (B2B).

He said that if people want to enter the Indonesian carbon exchange, they must have a company so they can sell their carbon. Therefore, the main obstacle is that people are not ready to be businessmen. In addition, the community also needs experts and third parties who assist the community who have been licensed and registered in the National Registry System and for registrants there must also be documents prepared.

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