Decarbon Exposes Indonesia’s Decarbonization Investment Opportunities

PT Decarbon Nusantara Unggul (DEKARBON) presents investment opportunities regarding decarbonization in Indonesia where the opportunities are wide open in line with the world’s desire for renewable energy for human progress in the future.

President Director of PT Decarbon Nusantara Unggul (DEKARBON), Ricky Risnauli, in the “2022 China – Indonesia Renewable Energy Investment Webinar” on Thursday 23 June 2022 in Jakarta, describing investment opportunities in the decarbonization sector in line with renewable energy investment to accelerate the energy transition in Indonesia.

The webinar entitled, “2022 China – Indonesia Renewable Energy Investment Webinar” received a good response from various groups, ranging from businessmen, experts, academics to practitioners to realize renewable energy.

Not only that, the Webinar titled, “2022 China – Indonesia Renewable Energy Investment Webinar” is a forum organized by the China New Energy International Alliance with full support from the Indonesian Embassy in China and was attended by more than 200 participants, mainly from China and from Indonesia, presenting dozens of speakers from various companies and institutions, both from China and from Indonesia, including: Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, BKPM, APAMSI, ISEA, DEKARBON, and others.

On this occasion, President Director of DEKARBON, Ricky Risnauli explained the Government of Indonesia’s efforts to support decarbonization through a comprehensive legislative framework towards the carbon market, which creates various opportunities in Indonesia’s carbon market ecosystem – both on a compliance and voluntary basis – including carbon offset projects and reduction initiatives. other carbon.

“With a mission to contribute to sustainable development and accelerate the journey towards carbon neutrality and clean zero emissions, DEKARBON as one of the pioneers of local consultants in the field of decarbonization, provides comprehensive carbon and energy services to help reduce carbon footprints in a sustainable manner,” said Ricky Risnauli explain.

It is hoped that the “2022 China – Indonesia Renewable Energy Investment Webinar” Forum can increase collaboration between China and Indonesia in various investment opportunities in the new and renewable energy sector, including decarbonization, not only from the supply side but also from the demand side.

Source: EGINDO.Co